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Below are an excellent selection of Seagull and Marine related links.

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Georges Villiers Site, Stationary engines, outboards, motorcycles needing villiers parts start here, George can also help with J.A.P and Amal parts too.

Seagull hints

This is Williams site, Useful article about flywheel removal also ignitions and carbies.

Mail Order Marine

This is Marks ebay shop. Mark was one of my first customers and members and I value his support. He has started this ebay shop and is selling lots of Seagull parts as well as other marine items. Give it a look, you might get yourself a bargain !

I found Ians site by accident really and I am so glad I did, its an enhanced British Seagull engine codes page in a really easy to use format.


Barry's Ebay Shop, If you need any sort of rope, he is your man, I bought a really nice anchor rope from him in May for a fraction of chandlers prices !

Need boating and chandlery items in Stainless steel ? look no further, This Ebay sellers Shop is full of everything you require at discount prices. Why buy galvanised equipment when stainless steel looks so much better and lasts so much longer ?

John at Saving Old Seagulls has worked Tirelessly for many years to save our Seagulls, His site is chock full of useful information and for once, an accurate British Seagull history. Well worth a look.

Truly excellent idea, and a very useful site. Contains an interactive map and details including pictures of most boat launching site in the UK. It is not comprehensive as I know of a few that arn't listed but nethertheless it lists most both inland and coastal.

Andy Clarkes site a wealth of knowledge for all outboard owners, Just please remember to come back here afterwards !

cc Seamark

I have used this chandlers quite a few times and not only are their prices reasonable but their customer services is second to none, Highly recommended !


Yet another incredibly informative site with an extensive FAQ page.

Christians site below, get yourself a lovely looking renovated gull.

Site about Seabee outboards, Lots of pictures and information here about these engines.

Boats and, One of the top buying and selling sites for all types of boating. Get yourself a bargain !

My Beachfishing Website

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Ross's Restoration website from New Zealand

Non-Seagull Related Websites

The Mud Club - Quite proberbly the best off roading website on the net, extensive forums, loads of pictures and all completely free

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TLM Landrovers of Tendring Essex, Loads of used Land Rover Parts available to collect and mail order.

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My Dads site, contains pictures of his artwork.

Mikes Lighthouse website, loads of information about lighthouses in use and dissused, I supplied quite a lot of pictures and information about the Gunfleet dissused lighthouse along with Dovercourt and Harwich, Click the picture to enter.

©Essex Land Rover Club Logo

Essex Land Rover Club, One of my other hobbies. I haven't been a member long but have already got my Land Rover Discovery a little dirty !

This is Nick Catfords Fascinating Website. It contains pictures and lots of background history of disused railway stations in the UK.

This site contains details of man-made and man-used underground places and is another site where I spend a lot of time.